Lake & Garden

Aozora is right on Lake Kamo. There is a tree terrace overlooking the lake, plus a garden where you can enjoy BBQ with our homemade herbs and vegetables. Charcoal is provided.




Lake Kamo is the largest lake in Niigata. Its brackish makeup is a combination of seawater entering from Ryotsu Bay and meltwater from the surrounding mountains. It is a rich intersection of people and nature throughout the seasons: gliding swans, spreading ripples of jumping fish, floating oyster beds and fishermen catching clams.

湖畔の船場 湖畔の夜の風景


Aozora's garden is a private slice of Sado's wilderness. Under Lake Kamo's waterfowl soaring in the vast sky, seasonal flowers and herbs add their color. We are sure you will find that our garden offers the perfect backdrop to a number of activities: grilling, fireworks, bonfires, and tea time.

牡蠣のBBQ, 手持ち花火をする子供, 紫陽花の花, 加茂湖上空に架かる虹
  • 牡蠣のBBQ
  • 手持ち花火をする子供
  • 紫陽花の花
  • 加茂湖上空に架かる虹


Tree terrace

The luxurious view of Lake Kamo from the tree terrace is Aozora’s gem. Time passes gently over a cup of coffee in the refreshing morning.



BBQing is always fun with family and friends. A grill and charcoal are available. Please prepare what you like, anytime.


Herbs and Vegetables

Please feel free to use any herbs and vegetables grown in the three tatami mat field or throughout the garden. They are grown by the manager, who is very new to gardening, but no herbicides are used. Mint and rosemary are always available. For those who enjoy wildflowers, did you know dandelions, horsetail, chickweeds, clover, etc. can be used for cooking? In the fall, Japanese ginger appears at the foot of the tree terrace. Well-grown veggies are not plentiful, but you are welcome to help yourself to whatever looks edible.


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