This luxurious private space is available to
one group at a time, and overlooks a clear lake
stretching as far as the eye can see. Come gaze
up at the ever-shining galaxy.

Lakefront House Aozora is a villa with a hideaway atmosphere on the shore of Lake Kamo, the largest lake in Niigata Prefecture.

Lake Fornt House AOZORAの位置を示した地図


All of the spacious rooms, including the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bath, are designed to offer a view of the lake.




We have everything you need to make you feel at home. Shampoo, conditioner, hand-washing soap and detergent are made from an environmentally friendly base to promote coexistence with nature.

Lake & Garden

Lake Kamo, the largest lake in Niigata, stretches out before Lakefront House Aozora. You can BBQ in the private garden of seasonal flowers and herbs, or climb up into the tree terrace overlooking the water.



YouTube「Aozora & Okinawa LIFE」

I run Aozora in the rich nature of Sado, enjoying the blessings of the seasons, but I sometimes help at our family coffee farm in Okinawa, island-hopping as my curiosites demand. I love to eat and cook, too. I am always asking: How can I eat healthy and delicious food in a quick and easy way? The goal is to stay lazy:)

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